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Antiques Faux Wood Sign

Wrap Types

This gorgeous sign will have your friends asking "Where did you get that cool wood Antiques sign?" While you simply smile and say, it's not wood, it's canvas!!

I carefully designed this custom canvas sign with a vintage look and a background that looks like an aged wood sign, with faded letters and lots of crackling.

This lightweight canvas sign comes to you ready to hang and enjoy. All canvas signs are smooth to the touch (even the ones that look chipped and peely!) I know you will love them!

⭐Available in several sizes, to fit any space.

⭐Printed on for long-lasting wear (no vinyl)

⭐Environmentally-conscious Inks

⭐Lifetime Color Guarantee

⭐Faux Wood Edges

⭐Ready to Hang

⭐Indoor Use Only

⭐Made in the USA

🔷 Canvas signs may be pricey to return, so please measure your space carefully before you purchase. 🔷