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Master Bedroom Refresh

Master Bedroom Refresh

Living in a modern farmhouse when you have a vintage heart can be trying. I love our home, but it needed cozying up a bit. This is the bedroom before:

The ceilings are 10' high and I felt like there was just so much black, and the Ikea dresser that came with the house was boring. Nothing to really catch the eye and it felt stark and cold.

See that cute little bench at the end of the bed? That was my inspiration for this room. So I grabbed my chalk paint and some stain and went to work. 

It took two coats of chalk paint since I was painting over black. After letting it sit overnight I was ready to stain it. 

Step one finished! Added new hardware too! 

I even painted the wall art to match!

Here's the finished room.

Now the room feels so cozy and warm and my husband loves it too!

You can find all of the items I used to paint the furniture here.

You can find all of the accessories here. 

Rabbit & Co Sign

Down By The Riverside Faux Frame Sign

Nightstand Lamps

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Darla - March 26, 2022

Looks beautiful Christy!!!

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