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After Christmas Refresh

After Christmas Refresh

I love Christmas. It's such a magical time of year. Our tree went up on Halloween this year because we needed some extra joy.

But what do you do after the holidays? Give it a refresh!


Give it a deep clean.

Nothing feels better than a clean home. After putting away all of the holiday decor, vacuuming, mopping and dusting just leaves your home so fresh. And it's a great way to start your winter decorating. We love our Bissell Spinwave Robot!

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Keep your winter-themed decor.

You can still enjoy all of the winter (but not necessarily Christmas) decor that you currently have displayed. Make it look like a winter wonderland. Move your current decor to a different room or shelf to create a new look. Style a beautiful basket with pillows, fill a lantern with ornaments and fairy lights, so many possibilities!

Repurpose and rearrange.

I love to rearrange the furniture and move pieces from room to room to give it a fresh look. It's amazing how much space there is once the tree has been put away!

Add something new.

Sometimes one new decor item can refresh a whole room! Maybe you want to change up that pop of color you have going, find some cute new items for your tiered tray, or you need a new piece of art for the dining room. 


Do what YOU love.

Don't worry about the 'gram... decorate your home the way you want it. Vibrant, relaxing, eclectic... make it yours!


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Amy Longo - January 5, 2021

Just ordered new sheets, pillow cases, and a giant comforter no better way to refresh after the holidays then updating your bed! Can’t wait till it gets here.

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